public bitcoin lightning node

We recommend all users paying with lightning to open channel with our public bitcoin lightning node to ensure instant and free payments from their lightning wallets. 02ff30e83896d453cfc89ff4dd06d23d793b7246f154c210324adc1d42c849ce74@ public LN node NODE INFO:

Support for SegWit bech32 adresses

Dear users, we hope you are staying healthy and enjoying the crypto bull run with us. We have one notification we would like to inform you about. You may have noticed that the Bitcoin network fees have been rising for some time and sending BTC payments without significant fees may be stuck for a long time.

We are giving away €5OO worth of crypto!

Do you fancy accepting crypto on your site? We bet you do!  As more and more companies are tapping into this new customer base, it almost starts to seem common to accept crypto for your goods or services.

New release, lower fees

Dear Confirmo users, We are happy every day you use our service to process payments for your businesses. And as we do our daily work to show our appreciation, we put up some new features again. 

New release, better options!

Dear Confirmo users, new update is here and we are proud to announce that we added new interesting features to our payment gateway. We also work on a more streamlined web design that will be implemented in the upcoming weeks.