Automatic conversions upon payment receipt

We are happy to give you an update on a recent Confirmo update that extends the functionality of our service. Until now, crypto invoices were received and settled in the same original currency, or converted to fiat.

It is now finally possible to receive Bitcoin for invoices paid in any other cryptocurrency. There is no need for an additional exchange of the received funds after withdrawing – simply choose your preferred received cryptocurrency when creating any payment request in Payment tools. This will happen automatically upon receiving the payment and carries no additional fee.

Creating a crypto invoice with Confirmo

Every Confirmo invoice allows the end user to select which cryptocurrency they want to pay in. Confirmo supports 10+ top cryptocurrencies, blockchains and stablecoins, and your clients can choose to pay with any of them. Depending on your settings, you can keep the currency they send you, or have the payment converted to Bitcoin or fiat.

Customers can decide how to pay.

Updates like these greatly improve the functioning of our payment gateway and we have many more great things planned for you. Is there a cryptocurrency you would like to see us add? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will look into it. Follow our blog and social media to be the first to know!