New release – New interface, ETH addition, Lightning network

We are happy to announce that we are finalizing our next CONFIRMO  release.  We’d love to lay out the new features and changes that are going to be implemented in our payment gateway. We got a lot of useful feedback regarding interface layout, adding new cryptocurrencies. Want to know more? Read on!

As part of our efforts to improve the service, new version will be released on June 28, 2021 at 1:00PM (CET) and the release will take approximately 5 minutes.

New Confirmo release

New user interface

What we recently worked on was to make the user experience even more seamless and intuitive for you and your staff.

New Confirmo dashboard

The whole layout of CONFIRMO  Dashboard was rehauled to make your experience with CONFIRMO  more pleasant. For the new users to come, our dashboard and verification are even easier to handle. For our contemporary users, we fine-tuned the invoice, payout, settlement and ledger overviews. As well as all the invoice and settlement settings. We all hope you’d like the new layout as it is even more intuitive than before.

New design of CONFIRMO

ETH addition

With the recent NFT craze, we get more and more requests to add ETH to our accepted crypto list. We are currently in the last testing phase and will implement it with the upcoming release. In case you are considering CONFIRMO as your crypto payment gateway, but miss ETH on our site, you can start with the implementation right away. ETH is just weeks from being listed as an accepted currency on CONFIRMO.

Lightning network

Bitcoin fees skyrocketed quite a few times last year. Creating troublesome situations for both our merchants and their customers. We had to resolve any queries about stuck payments, long confirmation times, etc. A big portion of payments was processed through LTC these times, but a lot of payees still use Bitcoin.

Here comes the Lightning network, making BTC payments fast and cheap once again. It is no easy task to implement it properly, but as with ETH payments, we were already on it. And within the upcoming weeks, the outcome of our endeavour will be put into place officially. Well tested and ready to go.

Hope we put some smiles on your faces on the other side of the screen. We are happy to adjust our development upon your feedback, please keep it coming.

Yours truly, team