Confirmo now supports Bitcoin Lightning!

We are starting the new year in great fashion: Confirmo now officially supports Bitcoin transactions on the Lightning Network! ⚡️This technology is a game changer in crypto payments!

Lightning Network is a major upgrade for daily Bitcoin use. Payments are almost or completely free of any fees, and are processed instantly. This means you don’t need to worry about transaction confirmation times, which with on-chain Bitcoin payments can take several minutes. The speed of the Lightning Network simplifies transactions for every business, be it e-commerce, prop trading, forex brokers and many more, and the same applies for end users. Thanks to the Lightning Network, Bitcoin transactions can scale very well.

Confirmo now supports the Lightning Network.

In short, Lightning network is micropayments friendly. Thanks to its great improvement to transaction efficiency, Bitcoin can be finally realistically used for paying for anything from a cup of coffee to a light bulb. Lightning Network technology also greatly decreases the amount of invoice maintenance required by limiting the number of unsuccessful payments. Customers are able to send exact sums, which helps prevent overpayments, the need for lengthy refunds, and payment cancellations.

So, what you need to do to start using Lightning with Confirmo? Simply make sure you are using the latest version of our API in your implementation. The only change you will need to make in code is shown in the code snippet below. You just don’t fill out the currencyTo attribute in your invoice creation request. 

  "invoice": {
       "amount": "10",
       "currencyFrom": "EUR",
       "currencyTo": "BTC"
  "settlement": {
       "currency": "EUR"

Once you have done this, your customers will be just one click away from all our crypto payment methods.