Bitcoin lightning payments

bitcoin lightning

To give you a good start to the new year, we are happy to let you know that with Confirmo, you can now use Lightning Network. For crypto payments, this is a game-changer!

Lightning Network is a major upgrade for using Bitcoin in everyday life.  Transactions are free or with negligible fee. Payments are processed instantly so you don’t have to worry about transaction confirmation time that can take with Bitcoin payments up to several minutes. supports Bitcoin Lightning network

Administration and unsuccessful payments are radically decreased. With Lightning Network customers will be able to send only exact sums which will prevent overpayments, subsequent complicated refunds or payment cancellations.  

Lightning network is micropayments friendly. Thanks to the cheap and instant transactions, you can now easily pay with Bitcoin for anything from a cup of coffee to a light bulb.  

What you need to do to start using Lightning Network? It’s really simple. Make sure you are using the latest version of API on our website. The only change you need to make in the code is shown in an example below. You just don’t fill attribute currencyTo in your invoice creation request. 

  "invoice": {
       "amount": "10",
       "currencyFrom": "EUR",
       "currencyTo": "BTC"
  "settlement": {
       "currency": "EUR"

Like this your customers will be one click away from all our crypto payment methods.