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About Confirmo

Confirmo, originally, is a licensed and EU-regulated cryptocurrency payments processor in seamless operation since 2014. It was founded by Daniel Houška and Roman Valihrach along with the first Czech cryptocurrency exchange Coinmate. To this day, the two companies work in close cooperation in delivering the best possible services to a global clientele.

Confirmo focuses on enabling companies to accept cryptocurrency payments to bring about a new era of finance. This is accomplished through our fully compliant custodial solutions which offer user-friendly control over funds without any compromises on their security. Our clients have come to rely on our easily integrated API, low fees, and top-class support.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital money for the internet age. They operate independently of traditional banking and government systems because they are distributed across a network of participating computers, also known as nodes. This makes the system decentralized, meaning no single entity has complete control over the transactions.

Transactions in cryptocurrencies are inscribed onto an immutable digital ledger called the blockchain. This term comes from the system’s architecture – transaction data is recorded into blocks (1MB per block for Bitcoin), and these are chained chronologically one after another in code. This literal chain of blocks of code contains all the historical data about every transaction and can be audited by anyone at any time. Blocks are inscribed by miners, nodes which use powerful computers to solve extremely difficult mathematical exercises, and they compete against each other for rewards for block completion and transaction fees. As of Q4 2023, the Bitcoin blockchain is about 500GB of data.

Cryptocurrencies are tools for storing and exchanging value, much like regular money, but with enhanced security. They use cryptography (which is where the crypto- comes from) to safeguard transactions and regulate the creation of new coins, ensuring a transparent and irreversible financial environment. They eliminate the need to trust banks and card companies because all of their rules are set in code, not politics, which is why they are often called trustless. For businesses and individuals alike, cryptocurrencies offer a modern way to transact in an interconnected digital world.


Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was introduced in 2008 by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin operates on a peer-to-peer network, enabling direct transactions between users without the need for intermediaries. Its underlying technology, the blockchain, records all transactions chronologically and publicly, ensuring transparency and security. Over the years, Bitcoin has evolved into a trusted store of value and investment tool, earning the nickname digital gold.


Simply put, altcoins are all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. These alternative coins have boomed since Bitcoin’s creation in 2008, each aiming to provide innovations over Bitcoin. Altcoins range widely in their functionalities and uses – from facilitating smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps) to providing enhanced privacy. Some prominent examples include Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, or TRON, each with its unique aspects and underlying philosophies. While some altcoins aim for a niche or specific use case, others aspire to surpass Bitcoin as the predominant digital currency.


Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize volatility by pegging their value to a less volatile asset, usually fiat currencies like the US dollar, or commodities like gold. This pegging mechanism provides a stable exchange rate with fiat currencies, making them a convenient medium of exchange during periods of high volatility in the crypto markets. The two best-known stablecoins are Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC), and are often utilized for easy trading and value transfer in the digital economy.

Why accept crypto in your business?

Incorporating cryptocurrency payments into your business model opens doors to a new audience and an additional income stream. They enable you to cater to a growing demographic of tech-savvy consumers who prefer the convenience and security that digital currencies offer. This move not only diversifies your revenue, but also positions your company as forward-thinking and adaptable to emerging technologies. The process is really simple – read our blog post on the topic.

New audience & income stream

Embracing cryptocurrencies allows you to tap into a global marketplace and a customer base that is both diverse and digitally native. This inclusion can result in a greater customer base and, consequently, an expanded income stream. Cryptocurrencies’ borderless nature facilitates easier, faster, and more cost-effective transactions, especially for international trades. This often attracts an international audience for the convenience of avoiding exchange fees and the slow clearing of international payments.

As of 2023, it is estimated over 420M people globally engage with cryptocurrencies, with 57M users based in the USA alone (Triple-A). This rapidly expanding user base is not only significant in number but also in purchasing power. Many cryptocurrency users hold considerable funds in digital assets and are actively seeking places to spend them. Moreover, the crypto community is known for its vocal support and appreciation of businesses that integrate cryptocurrencies into their operations, often translating into a loyal customer base and powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Marketing opportunities

Accepting cryptocurrencies is not just a financial decision, it is a marketing statement. It signals that your business is innovative, future-oriented, and attuned to the evolving preferences of the digital age. This can significantly bolster your brand image, differentiate you from competitors, and create buzz in a market that is increasingly receptive to businesses embracing modern technology.

Accepting cryptocurrencies differentiates your business from competitors, granting you a competitive edge in an increasingly saturated market. It also opens the door to new forms of promotions, such as exclusive deals on crypto payments, or participation in cryptocurrency events, both in-person and online. This not only draws attention to your brand, but also positions you as a future-facing leader attuned to technological advancements and developments in digital finance.

Enabling the future

Cryptocurrencies are a technological revolution that is reshaping how we think about and use money. By adopting bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments, you position your business as one that doesn’t sleep on the times and is actively shaping the future. It demonstrates a commitment to progress, innovation, and a belief in the potential that blockchain and cryptocurrencies hold for a more inclusive and efficient economics.

The long-term potential of cryptocurrencies is underscored by their growing integration into the mainstream financial ecosystem and increasing recognition by governments and major institutions worldwide. By adopting cryptocurrencies, your business is not only capitalizing on their current benefits, but also invests in a financial technology with transformative potential. This forward-thinking approach can position your company as a leader in innovation, ready to enable the future of payments today.

Confirmo offers you the flexibility of automatic conversions of all incoming payments into fiat, but you can at any time change to receive payments in bitcoin, or keep your customer’s cryptocurrency.

Our products

Confirmo offers a range of solutions to enable companies of any size to accept crypto payments on the leading cryptocurrency networks. These include Bitcoin (on-chain and Lightning), Ethereum, Solana, USDT & USDC, among others. Transactions made through all Confirmo payment channels are routed to your Confirmo dashboard, from where you can conveniently manage and withdraw your funds in crypto or fiat.

Payment gateway

Our cryptocurrency payment gateway allows a seamless integration into your website, enabling you to accept cryptocurrency payments with the same ease and convenience as traditional payment methods. Enjoy our automatic conversions to fiat to avoid volatility, convert every incoming payment to bitcoin, or simply accept the cryptocurrencies your customers decide to pay with. They can do so by scanning the QR code with a mobile wallet app or browser extension wallets.

The Confirmo payment gateway is our client favorite, as its super-flexible open-source API can be easily implemented into any website’s payment methods, making accepting crypto payments as a business a breeze. No need for manual invoicing or static QR codes on your website – our API automatically generates a unique QR code invoice for every payment, and you can then browse, account and withdraw your funds from the convenience of your Confirmo dashboard.

The estimated implementation time is only 2MD. Pass this link to your developers, they will know what to do. Should you encounter any issues during or after the implementation, contact support or we can get in touch directly via Slack.

Manual email invoices

Our manual email invoicing solution provides a granular, hands-on option to create cryptocurrency payment requests. Tailored for businesses that operate on a billing or invoicing model, this service streamlines payment collection by allowing merchants to send digital invoices directly to customers’ emails. Customers can then settle their bills using their preferred cryptocurrency using their mobile or browser extension wallets.

In your Confirmo dashboard, navigate to Payment Tools and select Email Invoices. You will be prompted to customize your invoice, shown a preview, and you can send it to your recipient right from there. Once your customer has paid, you can manage your funds in your Confirmo account.

Payment & donation buttons

Our payment & donation buttons provide a convenient method for customers and supporters to make payments or donations in cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re running an e-commerce site, a charitable organization, or a content creation platform, our buttons make transactions as easy as a single click.

In your Confirmo dashboard, navigate to Payment Tools and select Payment Buttons. You will be prompted to customize how the button works, and then you will receive ready-made code which you can simply paste into your website’s source code. And that’s it! You can now receive cryptocurrency payments and donations through the button to your Confirmo account.

WooCommerce plugin

Our WooCommerce plugin is a plug-and-play solution for seamlessly accepting cryptocurrency payments in your WooCommerce-powered online store. WooCommerce continues to be a leading choice for online retailers, and by enabling cryptocurrency payments in it your e-commerce business remains at the forefront of payment innovation, enhancing customer satisfaction and positioning your store as a forward-thinking enterprise in the digital marketplace.

The plugin can be installed by searching for Confirmo Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway in WordPress plugins. Once you have activated it, go to WooCommerceSettingsPayments, and click Confirmo. You will be asked to configure the plugin with information generated in your Confirmo account to connect them. Read the entire documentation on the plugin’s GitHub page, where you can also download its code to manually upload it to WordPress.

POS app

Our point-of-sale app is a completely free solution for accepting in-person Bitcoin Lightning payments. Use it to transform your iOS or Android device into a fully functional cryptocurrency POS system with NFC and Bolt Card support. The app works for businesses of all sizes, from small cafes, events, all the way to large retail chains, offering a flexible and modern payment solution that meets the expectations of a new generation of customers.

After you have installed it on your device, navigate to Payment Tools in your Confirmo account and select Point of Sale. You will be prompted to set up how you receive payments, and once you’re done, you will receive a pairing code. Enter it into the app on your device or scan the QR code, and that’s all! You can now start creating Bitcoin Lightning invoices for in-person payments, all conveniently managed, accounted, and withdrawn using your Confirmo dashboard. You can add any number of POS devices to a single Confirmo account – simply click Create POS device in the list of your existing devices.

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