Confirmo offers a range of solutions to enable companies of any size to create cryptocurrency invoices on the leading networks.
We take a flat 0.8% fee for all types of invoices, save for our POS app, which is completely free of charge.

Cryptocurrency invoices are typically QR codes which contain the wallet address of the recipient. The paying end-user scans this QR code with their wallet application, which decodes the QR code into a string of characters and numbers to decide where to send the transaction. The QR code is used for human convenience – most wallets will also allow you to paste the actual string of characters and numbers, but as these tend to be long and difficult to memorize, QR codes have become an industry standard for their ease of use and minimal risk of typing errors. This is a useful feature because cryptocurrency payments are generally irreversible.

Confirmo invoices can be paid via QR codes, browser extension wallets, and manual addresses. Your end-users can make payments in the following assets (on these networks):

  • BTC (Bitcoin and Lightning)
  • ETH (Ethereum native, Arbitrum One and Optimism)
  • USDT (Arbitrum One, Arbitrum One Bridged, Optimism, Polygon, Ethereum and Tron)
  • USDC (Arbitrum One, Arbitrum One Bridged, Optimism, Polygon, Ethereum)
  • MATIC (Polygon native)
  • SOL (Solana native)
  • LTC (Litecoin native)

Our free POS app supports Bitcoin on the Lightning Network. Transactions made through any Confirmo payment channel are routed to your Confirmo account, where you can conveniently manage and withdraw your funds.

Payment gateway

Our cryptocurrency payment gateway allows a seamless integration into your website, enabling you to accept cryptocurrency payments with the same ease and convenience as traditional payment methods. Enjoy our automatic conversions to fiat to avoid volatility, convert every incoming payment to bitcoin, or simply accept the cryptocurrencies your customers decide to pay with. They can do so by scanning the QR code in their wallet application or with browser extension wallets.

The Confirmo payment gateway is our client favorite, as its super-flexible open-source API can be easily implemented into any website’s payment methods. Compared to other methods, this greatly simplifies the transaction process of accepting crypto payments as a business. No need for manual invoicing or static QR codes on your website. Our API automatically generates a unique QR code invoice for every payment, and you can then browse, account and withdraw your funds from the convenience of your Confirmo dashboard.

The estimated implementation time is only 2MD. Pass this link to your developers, they will know what to do. Should you encounter any issues during or after the implementation, contact support or we can get in touch directly via Slack.

Manual email invoices

Our manual email invoicing solution provides a granular, hands-on option to create cryptocurrency payment requests. This service streamlines payment collection by allowing merchants to send digital invoices directly to customers’ emails. Customers can then settle their bills using their preferred cryptocurrency with mobile or browser extension wallets.

In your Confirmo dashboard, navigate to Payment Tools and select Email Invoices. You will be prompted to customize your invoice, shown a preview, and you can send it to your recipient right from there. Once your customer has paid, you can manage your funds in your Confirmo account.

Payment & donation buttons

Our payment & donation buttons provide a convenient method for customers and supporters to make payments or donations in cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re running an e-commerce site, a charitable organization, or a content creation platform, our buttons make transactions as easy as a single click.

In your Confirmo dashboard, navigate to Payment Tools and select Payment Buttons. First, you will customize how the button creates invoices. Then, you will receive ready-made code which you can simply paste into your website’s source code. And that’s it! You can now receive cryptocurrency payments and donations through buttons to your Confirmo account.

WooCommerce plugin

Our WooCommerce plugin is a plug-and-play solution for seamlessly accepting cryptocurrency payments in your WooCommerce-powered online store. WooCommerce continues to be a leading choice for online retailers, and by enabling cryptocurrency payments in it your e-commerce business remains at the forefront of cutting-edge payment solutions.

The plugin can be installed by searching for Confirmo Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway in WordPress plugins. Once you have activated it, go to WooCommerce – Settings – Payments, and click Confirmo. You will be asked to configure the plugin with information generated in your Confirmo account to connect them. Read the entire documentation on the plugin’s GitHub page, where you can also download its code to manually upload it to WordPress.

POS app

Our point-of-sale app is a completely free solution for accepting in-person Bitcoin Lightning payments. Use it to transform your iOS or Android device into a fully functional cryptocurrency POS system with NFC and Bolt Card support. The app works for businesses of all sizes, from small cafes, events, all the way to large retail chains. It offers a flexible and modern payment solution that meets the expectations of a new generation of customers.

After you have installed it on your device, navigate to Payment Tools in your Confirmo account and select Point of Sale. You will be prompted to set up how you receive payments, and once you’re done, you will receive a pairing code. Enter it into the app on your device or scan the QR code, and that’s all! You can now start creating Bitcoin Lightning invoices for in-person payments, all conveniently managed, accounted, and withdrawn using your Confirmo dashboard. You can add any number of POS devices to a single Confirmo account – simply click Create POS device in the list of your existing devices.