TO DO list

Create invoice

To create an invoice. The easiest way is to generate a payment BUTTON and place the code on your website. Or send an EMAIL invoice from your confirmo account – this does not require any integration at all. If you are using a custom solution for your website, we strongly recommend API integration. We have prepared for you sample code in PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, Go, C #, Groovy with mock server testing.

We also have E-commerce plugins for PrestaShop and Shopify, which are easy to install.

Test Payment

Have you finished connecting to Confirmo? Great! The best way to find out if everything works as it should is by creating a test payment. You can get to know the payment process and make final adjustments before going live. We recommend paying the invoice from wallets that initiate payment immediately. Paying invoices from exchanges is not recommended since they usually do not broadcast payments immediately. You can however send payments in LTC from – it is fast and reliable.

Bitcoins or litecoins can be purchased from a list of different exchanges. We recommend for EU-based customers.

Verify your account to increase limits

Now you can test your payment connection with a monthly withdrawal limit of €1000 in FIAT and up to €15000 worth of crypto withdrawals. If you verify a Confirmo account you will enjoy all our benefits without any limits.

General invoice settings

Customizing invoice behaviour is a really important thing which affects your user’s shopping experience as well as automated issue resolving. You don’t want to spend your time resolving each underpaid invoice or delayed payment. Invoice behaviour is set by default to suit all your general needs but each system has it’s unique requirements. By tweaking this setting you will be able to optimize your invoice behaviour to suit your needs.

Read more about invoice settings on our blog:

Set up your invoice profile

When your client clicks on the payment link and your invoice shows up, it displays general info about the payment. Its amount, timeout, receiving address, as well as product name and merchant name. Even this can be tailored to display more information. Why is this important? It creates an extra layer of trust, when the client gets redirected, but can still be sure that he pays to the merchant with whom the payment originated. And also, it makes the process more seamless for the payee.

Set User privileges

You may want to add different access privileges to Confirmo for your staff. One administrator login (owner) and three types of sub-accounts you can add any number of, to create one for each single person operating on your Confirmo back office. You can create a “Read only” account for your accountant or “Support” account for (you probably guessed it) support personnel. Keeping these correctly set makes sure that no one can manipulate settings he or she is not authorized to access.

Secure your account by 2 FA

Whenever you deal with any kind of money online, you should do it as securely as possible. The best way to keep your account impenetrable even if someone gains access to your email is to set up two-factor safety on login. It is as simple as installing the Google authenticator app to your mobile device and pairing it with your Confirmo account via Settings.

Activate payouts

Payout enables you to automatically send crypto payments directly from available EUR or USD balance. It only takes a few seconds to execute the Payout order. The payout solution is a service for payment institutions, wallets, Forex brokers or for paying out freelancers in crypto.

API payouts are inactive for security reasons on all accounts. To enable the payout API, please send a request to [email protected]

Set notifications

Being up to date with your cash flow is essential for any business. Set up your notifications to stay up to date with your settlements. Get notified whenever an invoice needs your attention.

Add/Link accounts

Add your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet so you can receive regular settlements. In the settings, you can choose how often you want to receive these settlements and how much balance you want to keep in your Confirmo account.