How Exceptions work

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We prepared a new how-to article to describe the inner workings of Confirmo better and let you operate it more seamlessly and hassle-free. Let’s talk about invoices and exceptions today.

Almost every number of statistical data in our universe is distributed along the gaussian curve, with the majority in its average part and the exceptions on its sides. Same as our invoice exceptions. As you already know, the “Show exceptions first” button in your invoice overview shows the invoices that are overpaid, underpaid, or paid insufficiently. This helps you to display the failed payment attempts or these that are overpaid. In all these cases, it is necessary to refund it to the client and in the first two cases, to create a new invoice and pay it again. This results in a longer and more complicated process for both you and the client, not mentioning the extra transaction fees that must be paid to refund and send the transaction again.

We strive to keep these exceptions at their minimum, to ease the whole process for you, and also for your clients of course. Here we need a little of your time, when setting up the invoice settings, you can find much more settings there, than in our latter system. Namely the prolonging of invoice timeout, and the underpayment threshold.

Invoice timeout

This setting allows you to dynamically prolong the time needed for the payment to be broadcasted. So even the clients using services that do not broadcast the payments immediately, or those who just pay the invoice too late, still have a shot at making it in time. There is no need to refund the payment and to pay it again then.

Invoice expiration time settings
Invoice expiration time settings

Underpayment threshold

This setting is very useful in case of large amount payments for example. Let’s say that you create a 5 BTC invoice and the payee forgets to add a fee to the transaction. The result is sending 5 BTC back and forth again, just for the small amount of change that was forgotten. By adjusting the underpayment threshold correctly, such payment can be still accepted as paid, automatically. Hassle-free.

By these settings, we can stretch the extremes of our invoice gaussian curve farther out. Making the whole payment process much more comfortable for you, your support crew, and most importantly, to make your clients happier with this payment solution.

Thank you for your attention, more how-to articles are about to come, stay tuned.