Learn about our Bitcoin Lightning POS app

A point of sale is a device or app that helps you to receive in-person payments. Confirmo offers a free crypto point-of-sale app, which you can use to accept Bitcoin. Let’s take a look!

Our app works with payments routed through the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s second layer, which means transactions are instant and with essentially zero fees. The solution is perfect for brick-and-mortar stores, live events and conferences, restaurants, bars, venues, and many more – Confirmo POS will work great wherever you need to accept payments and have access to the internet.

Confirmo POS is simple, fast, and highly secure. The app is linked with your Confirmo account. You can choose to have the app convert the received sats (fractions of Bitcoin) into fiat currency with daily Settlements to your bank account, or you can keep the bitcoin and send it to your wallet. Confirmo takes no fees for transactions through the app, meaning you will only pay a couple sats to node operators as is the usual when using Lightning.

Requesting a payment with the app is really simple:

  1. Enter the requested amount.
  2. The app generates a unique QR code (a Bitcoin invoice).
  3. Your customer scans the code or uses their NFC tag (or Bolt Card).
  4. The funds are instantly credited to your account or wallet.

And what are the fees? There aren’t any. Downloading, using the app and withdrawing funds is completely free.

A simple and intuitive interface.

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How do we compare?

Additionally, Confirmo has a Lightning node which you can create a channel with for even faster and cheaper withdrawals.

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