public bitcoin lightning node

We recommend all users paying with lightning to open channel with our public bitcoin lightning node to ensure instant and free payments from their lightning wallets. 02f[email protected] public LN node NODE INFO:

How to secure your account

Dear Confirmo users,  we are back with a new tutorial to make your Confirmo experience as good as possible. And today mostly about how to make it as secure as possible. We are going to talk today about securing your account and what tools we prepared for you to do so. Since we work with… Continue reading How to secure your account

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How settlement methods works

Here we are with the next tutorial to help you navigate all the settings on Confirmo with ease. Today, we’d like to show you a little bit more about settlement settings. These are vital to receiving funds you collected through invoices from your customers. Also, according to settlement methods you set-up, corresponding options will be… Continue reading How settlement methods works

How Exceptions work

Welcome to our blog again, happy to have you.  We prepared a new how-to article to describe the inner workings of Confirmo better and let you operate it more seamlessly and hassle-free. Let’s talk about invoices and exceptions today.