How to secure your account

Dear Confirmo users, 

we are back with a new tutorial to make your Confirmo experience as good as possible. And today mostly about how to make it as secure as possible. We are going to talk today about securing your account and what tools we prepared for you to do so. Since we work with money here, I can’t emphasize enough how important these rules and tools are.

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Invoice settings

Dear Confirmo users, as we announced in our last blog post, we are about to inform you about all the fine new functions we implemented and those that are about to come.

This post is about the functionality you all requested a lot, and we listened, of course. The invoice settings were not so flexible in the past, resulting in quite a lot of timeouted, underpaid or overpaid invoices. All of these needed the customer to refund the amount a pay a newly-created invoice.

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