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Security best practices

Maximizing the security of your assets is absolutely essential. As with any other fund management solution, with Confirmo you don’t just give access to anyone. Apply these nine simple steps to ensure your account remains only yours.

Maximizing your account security

Account security is one of the most important (and often overlooked!) aspects of working with cryptocurrencies. Confirmo takes account security very seriously, which is why our clients enjoy various security features to keep their funds safe.

How can a business start accepting crypto?

Accepting cryptocurrency payments in your business is easier and more convenient than ever. Confirmo enables your customers to pay with crypto through multiple channels that all lead to your account. Let’s take a look how you can start today!

How do Settlements work?

Payments received to your Confirmo account are kept in our safe and secure custody, and you have different tools available to withdraw these funds to your bank account and crypto addresses. One of them are Settlements, our automatic withdrawals.

Invoice settings and exceptions

Invoices are an essential tool to conducting cryptocurrency payments. Confirmo’s solutions enable your business to generate advanced, unique QR-code invoices for receiving payments in cryptocurrencies no matter your business type. Let’s see all their functions and possibilities!