The blog is back!

Hello there, dear Confirmo users!

As you all already noticed, we are adding new features more and more often lately. We hope you like it as much as we do. We are releasing another update in just a few months.

Invoice settings were fine-tuned to the extent, that now you can prevent much of the old exceptions just by setting the invoices right. Making the payment process much smoother for you and also for your clients of course. And this is just one of the tune-ups that we’ll repost about on our blog.

As the amount of improvements is growing every day, and we are preparing a lot of upcoming ones, of course, it is also one of our goals to keep you as well informed as possible. So you won’t miss anything that might come handy.

This is a first blog post after a long period of time, and as we are dusting our keyboards, we are getting ready to keep you up to date, with all the good news waiting in front of us, on our development roadmap. So please, consider this a first shout after a long silence, with more to come. Bursting with good news, stay tuned!