We are giving away €5OO worth of crypto!

Do you fancy accepting crypto on your site? We bet you do!  As more and more companies are tapping into this new customer base, it almost starts to seem common to accept crypto for your goods or services.

How to create an email invoice

Dear Confirmo users, in case you were wondering about how to set up different invoice types, we are preparing short and easy tutorials to show you how to do exactly that. We are going to show you the specifics of an email invoice today and a payment button in the next article, coming soon.

How to secure your account

Dear Confirmo users,  we are back with a new tutorial to make your Confirmo experience as good as possible. And today mostly about how to make it as secure as possible. We are going to talk today about securing your account and what tools we prepared for you to do so. Since we work with… Continue reading How to secure your account

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How to – set up public profile

Dear Confirmo user, Did you set up your public profile yet? If you did, congratulations, your clients will see customized invoices with detailed info and graphics. If you did not, please read on, we’ll take you through the “why” and “how to” in no time!

New Update v.9 – PrestaShop plugin

Dear Confirmo users, here we are with a new update! This update will be live on the 12th of May at 8 pm UTC and will take approximately 15 minutes to deploy. Confirmo is getting new features with its 9th version, as follows.

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New release, lower fees

Dear Confirmo users, We are happy every day you use our service to process payments for your businesses. And as we do our daily work to show our appreciation, we put up some new features again.