Let your revenues grow with Bitcoin Lightning POS

What is POS and why should you care about it?

POS stands for Point-of-Sale, an app that helps you to receive Bitcoin Lightning payments. Thanks to Bitcoin Lightning Network, payments are a matter of seconds.

Everything is simple, fast, and highly secure. The app is paired with your Confirmo account. The App converts lightning payments into FIAT currencies with daily settlement into your Bank account or the merchant can sweep all bitcoins to his bitcoin wallet. All transactions processed via Confirmo Point-of-Sale are free of charge.

The payment takes 4 simple steps and is made within a few seconds. 

  1. Type in the requested amount
  2. The app will generate the unique QR code
  3. Your customer scans the code or taps their NFC LN tag
  4. The funds are credited to your account or wallet instantly

And what are the fees? There aren’t any

Let your revenues grow with Bitcoin Lightning POS

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How fast is the payment?

Instant (1-10 seconds). Confirmo POS is built on top of the Lightning Network protocol (Bitcoin’s 2nd layer) that enables reliable, instantaneous bitcoin payments and unlimited scaling.

Which crypto can I use in the POS terminal? 

Confirmo’s POS supports Bitcoin Lightning only. Why? Because the Lightning network is the only reliable instant crypto payment method.

Point-of-sale terminals supporting the Bitcoin blockchain, Litecoin, etc. are not instant by design and have never been intended to be used for small coffee payments. On-chain payments do not have a payment protocol that ensures a flawless transfer of crypto funds.

Which lightning wallet should the customer use?

Phoenix wallet
Wallet of Satoshi
Blue wallet

Could you recommend bitcoin lightning resources?

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Books and resources

Insights from LN node operator (PDF download)
Lightning network platby budoucnosti (PDF download)
Mastering the Lightning Network
Lightning network on WIKI

How to get paid even faster? 

We recommend all users paying with lightning to open a channel with Confirmo public bitcoin lightning node to ensure instant and free payments from their lightning wallets.

02ff30e83896d453cfc8[email protected]:9735

CONFIRMO.net public LN node



How to get free satoshis? 

Use one of the faucets that send you free sats https://lightningnetworkstores.com/faucet

How to pay?

By scanning a QR code from the mobile device. If the user has an NFC tag or his wallet supports NFC technology, the payment can be initiated by moving a mobile phone or NFC tag near the Confirmo’s point of sale (PoS) reader.