USDT and USDC Payouts

We are happy to announce that today on the 24/11/2022 we have launched payouts with USDT on Tron blockchain and USDC on Ethereum blockchain. Payouts are also possible into Bitcoin Lightning network.   Payout enables you to automatically send crypto payments directly from available EUR or USD balance. It only takes few seconds to execute the Payout order. For more details… Continue reading USDT and USDC Payouts

Bitcoin Lightning POS terminal

We just released brand new Android APP for accepting Bitcoin lightning payments. It has inbuilt FIAT conversion and contactless support (NFC)

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We recommend all users paying with lightning to open channel with our public bitcoin lightning node to ensure instant and free payments from their lightning wallets. 02f[email protected] public LN node NODE INFO:

We are giving away €5OO worth of crypto!

Do you fancy accepting crypto on your site? We bet you do!  As more and more companies are tapping into this new customer base, it almost starts to seem common to accept crypto for your goods or services.

How to create an email invoice

Dear Confirmo users, in case you were wondering about how to set up different invoice types, we are preparing short and easy tutorials to show you how to do exactly that. We are going to show you the specifics of an email invoice today and a payment button in the next article, coming soon.